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Saponins may be a good all purpose soil improver. Saponins are the root cells of a plant. The root cells of a plant are what can be extracted in making the sap. The sap is the liquid part of the plant that is extracted for making potable and medicinal uses. Saponins do a couple of things for the soil. First, they improve its ability to absorb nutrients from the air and water.

Saponins are also a good soil improver since they can leach phosphorus from the soil. Phosphorus is necessary to make potable and medicinal use of the soil. Phosphorus is also necessary for plant growth. So if you have a problem with your soil making potable use, you may want to try having your soil made with saponins.

Saponins improve the soil’s ability to absorb nutrients from the air and water. In addition, they provide a natural pH adjustment making your soil easier to work with. The best place to get saponins is from a local growers or garden center. Saponins are also available from companies like Mother Earth Herbs or Bio-Sap.

Some folks might find saponins too harsh. But if you aren’t sure, you can find some saponin-rich soil on Amazon.

If you’re not sure you can add saponins to your soil, you can also use some of the other natural methods for adding nutrients to the soil that are available. If you’re on the market for a new gardening tool, consider buying one that uses saponins: a mason’s pick, a small circular brush, or a soil-diligence tool like a trowel.

If you are one of these people looking for a gardening tool, consider making a list of what you like and what you dont like before you get going in the garden. Then if you feel like you are missing something, you can always go back and add it. If you have a few tools and you want to check them off your list, you can send them to us for free — we get a small percentage of the sales.

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