cartoon character base

This is the base for my character, the self-awareness that I am a self-absorbed, power-hungry, hyper-sexual, and overly-dramatic person. I’m proud of that character, because self-absorption is my biggest insecurity.

I don’t have too many people in my life that were able to be like that to me. My parents and grandparents were the closest I got to that kind of person. I was definitely raised with a lot of that, and I’ve been taught to be a little self-absorbed, and not too much of the time, but most of the time, I was that person. It’s a good trait to have.

I’ve been blessed with the good fortune of parents that were extremely good with me. I’m not sure if I’m proud of that. I was raised to be a pretty selfish person and not much like other people, and to not be overly dramatic. But I’m not sure I’ve made a good choice on that front either.

What does that even mean? You have to realize you’re a unique individual, and people aren’t going to be the same on this planet. So if you want people to like you, you need to be a little more self-aware. You also need to realize that you’re the same person as everyone else, but you have that unique trait that makes you different.

I think the whole idea about uniqueness is such a cliche that it makes me want to kick my own foot. I mean what kind of world will we be living in if every person was unique in some way? I mean there wouldn’t be any more unique people in the world than those who have a pet goat with a big belly, or a cat with a pointy tail, or a dog with a tail that is too long. I mean that would probably be pretty boring.

As if the idea that everyone should be unique is enough to make us want to get our hands on some random animals.

In reality, though, it’s not that different from what any of us would do. We already have such a thing as a “unique” person. We just don’t understand it. It’s a bit like trying to understand what would make a black hole.

For as much as we think we need one, we can also think we don’t need it. While it isn’t exactly like a black hole, there is something that prevents us from having a unique life. Its called the “base”. To be more specific, the base is the part of us that is the most resistant to change. The base is the part of us that can’t be changed by ourselves.

The base is just the most basic part of us that has not yet been discovered by science. We cant be given a name and a reason why we are special, and then suddenly we have the ability to change ourselves. Thats what the base is. Thats why we cant change ourselves. Its the part of us that is the most resistant to change.

The base is the part of us that is most resistant to change. The base is not actually real. It doesn’t exist in the physical world. It is the part of us that is most resistant to change. It is a place of resistance that is most easily changed.

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